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Top 3 Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Dental implant therapy has become the standard of care for tooth replacement in Dentistry. This is primarily due to the fact that patients are happier with the results of implant therapy compared to other options (i.e. bridges or partials).

So, why are implants better than other options?

1. Teeth supported by implants are shaped similar to natural teeth- Implants are designed to mimic natural teeth. The implant body is anchored in the bone and acts as the root or anchor. The tooth or crown, as it is referred to, has similar contours to the tooth it replaces. This makes the area much easier to clean as well as achieving a more natural/esthetic outcome.

2. Implants are self-supporting- Unlike some other tooth replacement options, dental implants don't involve the adjacent teeth. Bridges require cutting down the adjacent teeth which can compromise the integrity of teeth and potentially impact the nerve. Partials/dentures put extra force on the teeth/bone in order to achieve stability. This extra force leads to more tooth/bone loss over time. From a biomechanical standpoint, this makes implants the best option.

3. Extremely high success rates- The general consensus for implant success is 97% or greater. This means that only 3% of dental implants have to be replaced. To put this in perspective, the average life span for a bridge is 15 years. With the proper care, implants can last a lifetime making them a wise long-term investment in your oral health.


Implants are as close to a “set it and forget it” option as we have in Dentistry today. If done correctly, an implant can replicate the comfort, form, and function of a natural tooth. This creates a healthier environment which can prevent the need for additional treatment. In the end, implant patients require less treatment than other options which results in a better long-term outcome.

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