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The Specialty of Periodontics



In order to become a Periodontist, Dr. McGehee completed 4 years of dental school. While completing his last year of dental school, he prepared his application and submitted it for acceptance into several Periodontal residency programs around the country. He was offered accepted into 3 programs prior to accepting admission into the University of Louisville which is know for its research and involvement in the techniques of bone grafting and soft tissue grafting with donor tissue. 


During his vigorous 3 year residency, Dr. McGehee conducted a clinical research project in immediate implant placement for which he defended his thesis on way to being awarded a Masters in Dental Science. During his time in the US Navy, Dr. McGehee was also selected to serve on Staff as mentor for the residents at the prestigious Naval Postgraduate Dental School in Bethesda, Maryland. 



Patients with teeth: A periodontist is a dentist who has expertise related to the gum and bone that support the your teeth. In most cases patient are referred to Dr. McGehee because they have disease that is causing deterioration of the support of their teeth. In some cases, the disease is so severe that Dr. McGehee needs to see that patient in order to determine if the teeth are savable. If teeth are not savable, a he can help in the planing and executing the replacement of teeth with implants, bridges, dentures or some combination of the aforementioned. 



Patients without teeth: A periodontist is also trained in the art of replacing teeth that are missing. Even if you have already lost your tooth or teeth, Dr. McGehee has the expertise to determine if you have enough bone for implant placement. If you don’t have enough bone, he can also determine if you are a good candidate for grafting to increase bone volume for implant placement. 

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